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Ultrasound Screening Can Spot Problems Before You Have Symptoms - Without Radiation!

Older Adults’ Posture May Predict Future Disability

From our friends at — “MedlinePlus” Spinal Measurement Was Tied To Whether Seniors In Study Would Need Help With Routine Activities By Robert Preidt FRIDAY, April 19 (HealthDay News) — The shape of an older person’s spine may predict their future need for home assistance… Continue reading

Why Should Everyone Over 50 Have a Preventive Health Screening?

Health Screening for 50 & over

Why should everyone over 50 have a preventive health screening? Early detection of serious health problems is the major benefit. These tests serve as a baseline from which the family physician can monitor a person’s health. The Lions HealthFirst Foundation completed a health study on… Continue reading

Secondhand Smoke Tied to High Blood Pressure in Kids

Young kids who live with a parent who smokes face an increased risk for developing high blood pressure while still children, a new study has found. Warning that children with high blood pressure often become adults with the same problem, the researchers suggested that secondhand… Continue reading