Screening breast thermograms available at local charity on February 18th.

On SATURDAY, February 18, 2017, ElizabethReed,CertifiedClinicalThermographer, will be offering screening breast thermograms at: Lions HealthFirst Foundation, 3430 East Flamingo Road, Suite 251, Las Vegas, NV 89121, appointments are available.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) shows inflammation, nerve andvascular changes not visible to ordinary x-ray or MRI scans. Medical research shows DITIis capable of detecting signs of breast tumors forming 2-5 yrs or moreahead.

Thermography is a noninvasive, inexpensive test that does not cause radiation exposure or compression of the breasts. Approved by the FDA in 1982 as an additional diagnostic tool for breast cancer screening, a thermogram is the measurement of infrared heat coming off the skin, using technology similar to color weather maps on TV. This increased heat can signal the growth of new blood vessels that feed a tumor, very good for early detection of most fast growing breast cancers, and also useful for women diagnosed by mammograms with dense breasts.

The initial thermogram is $195.00. The screening process takes approximately 25 minutes. Results will be interpreted by an M.D. and the originals mailed to the patient within 10 days. A copy of the interpretation can go to the physician of choice.

Lions HealthFirst Foundation is a local IRS approved 501(C)(3) charity. It has been providing the Las Vegas community with health screening services for over 10 years. Screenings include: Ultrasound screening of vital arteries for warning signs of blockages in the carotid arteries from build-up of plaque; abdominal aneurysm; and screening of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, thyroid gland, and spleen, looking for tumors, cysts, or modules.

Please call 702.739.6393​ to make an appointment.



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